Mission Statement

“The Fil-Am of IHM is a parish group gathering together in faith and love, serving God, one another, the parish, and community while preserving the Filipino culture and traditions.”

  • The Filipino-American Community (Fil-Am) of Immaculate Heart of Mary was formed in October 2004. The organization began under the support and guidance of Father Joseph Fidorowicz who asked Pench Chavez to start a Fil-Am group. During its infancy there were less than 15 members, today there are 100 members and growing steadily.
  • Fil-Am has continued to grow under leadership of past and current officers.
  • Past presidents include:

Pench Chavez

Clarisa Specht

Shirley Rose

Jan Bantique

Emma Arcayona

  • Fil-Am has brought several Filipino traditions to Immaculate Heart of Mary:

 PABASA (Lenten readings)

 Flores de Mayo (Flowers in May)

During mass flowers are presented by children to honor the Virgin Mary.

Feast of San Lorenzo & San Pedro Calungsod

First and second Filipino saints honored by a mass and reception consisting of Filipino dishes and desserts.

Simbang Gabi (Dawn Mass)

A nine day novena of early morning masses (5am) beginning on December 16th thru December 24th (Christmas Eve) to prepare for the birth of Christ.